The process is the most essential part of the work. I dumpster dive thrown away food, and plant and grow it again. In the end I give away the seedlings to the exhibition visitors. The new grower gets the plant’s individual life story with it.

Designing, processing, producing, packaging, storing, transporting and selling goods consume unimaginable amounts of energy. Somewhere at a certain point the definition of a commodity changes to trash, often before it even has been used for anything. Recycling tries to bend the lifespan of the product into a circle, even though the carbon footprint of the production can not be undone.

At what moment does the food turn into waste? From waste into art? The definition depends on the definer. Something can not be just a little bit art, or almost trash.

Different options materialize in the work:
decomposition or growth,
consuming or dumpster diving,
methane or oxygen,
the end or the beginning.

In the process something defined as dirty and useless generates pure, fresh and new.

Diy Bio -zine is the documentation of the process. It offers introduction and backround information on Bio, as well as instructions to re-do the process yourself. The edition of 200 was available to the visitors during the exhibition. Here you have the e-version of the zine. It is also available on the exhibition’s webpage: